AT-43 is a miniatures game and so is best played using three-dimensional terrain. In addition to the cool terrain pieces available from Rackham and other manufacturers, you can also easily make or modify some yourself.

· Battle Grounds: Mirrored

Normally, the stairs that are on one side of the raised tiles in the City Levels set of the Battle Grounds terrain start at the bottom left, but it is not very difficult to assemble one as a mirror image of a regular tile.

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· Battle Grounds: Painting

Australian company CNC Workshop produces wargames terrain made from MDF panels to create assembly kits of roads, buildings, and other gaming accessories. This article gives tips for painting their Battle Grounds urban terrain tiles.

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· Clear Sculpture

Cities have public works of art on display, but they are rarely seen on wargames tables. This article shows one way to make such an artwork as a terrain piece, from plexiglass parts intended for a completely different purpose.

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· Infantry Traps

AT-43 has good anti-vehicle obstacles in the form of the low and high walls that come with various models, but it has no real terrain to stop infantry. This article is about anti-infantry obstacles that are quick and easy to make from old computer parts.

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· Map Generator

Interactive page that lets you create designs using the AT-43 Reversible Gaming Tiles.

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· Objective Markers

Making markers for objective and deployment zones to fit the theme of AT-43.

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· Vent Towers

How to make industrial-looking vent or cooling towers from computer parts.

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