[M.Ind emblem]M.Ind

[thumbnail image]M.Ind is a program to create companies of troops for the AT-43 wargame by Rackham. In short, you can select units and their options, add them to a company and remove them from it; M.Ind adds up their Army Points cost for you and attempts to prevent you from taking illegal choices or options.

The program is currently still in beta version, meaning it is not yet complete—the program is basically functional, but is still missing some things that it really needs to be a complete application. Don't expect this to be the end-all, be-all of AT-43 company builders (yet … ;) but you can take it for a spin if you want to.

· Download

Download the current version (β v0.1.0) directly by clicking here. Note that this is a 2.7 MB (2,669,544 bytes) download.

If you're looking for older versions and/or the program's source code, see the downloads page.

· System requirements

M.Ind requires a computer running Mac OS X; it has so far been tested only under Tiger (OS X 10.4) and Leopard (10.5), but will probably also run under Panther (10.3), and possibly earlier versions as well. (You can determine your computer's OS X version by clicking on the -menu and choosing About this Mac.) It is a universal application, which means it will run natively on Macs using either PowerPC or Intel processors. Basically, that should be any Apple Macintosh produced from 1998 onward.

Note that there is a minor problem with running M.Ind under Leopard! Click here for details.

M.Ind will not work on

If you use one of these types of computers, you will have to look elsewhere for a company builder for AT-43.

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