AT-43 is a miniatures wargame, and though it comes with pre-painted models, you can always tinker with those or even use models from other manufacturers than Rackham.

· Building a Scout Buggy

Reinforcements for the U.N.A.

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· Heavy Battletank gun correction

The ONI Heavy Battletank has a serious problem with it gun falling forward and taking the turret off the model. Here's a fix for that issue.

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· Kraken Golgoth

Although there are game statistics for the Kraken golgoth, there is no model available for it. This article shows how to build one.

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· Type ★★★ golgoth variants

There are simple variants of the Therian type ★★ combat striders, but not of the type ★★★ golgoth. If you have two of these models, you can have three!

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