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[M.Ind emblem]Screenshots

The screenshots on this page show M.Ind in action, letting you see what you're getting before downloading. Newer versions appear at the top, older ones toward the bottom of the page.

β v0.1.0

[thumbnail image] The first beta version, showing the new outline view for the selected units (instead of the table used in α v0.0.1). This shows the options grouped underneath the unit, and the A.P. costs of the individual options as well as the total A.P. cost of the whole unit. It also shows the newly-added warning that the Storm Golem unit at the bottom of the table is not legal, the orange dot indicating that the unit is below its standard strength (to be precise, it does not have at least one special weapon).
[thumbnail image] The toolbar being customized, showing all currently-available icons (though not all of them are functional yet).
13 August 2007

α v0.0.1

[thumbnail image] The first more-or-less-working version that was released, showing the newly-added toolbar and that the program actually adds points—no hardcoded mockups here.
31 July 2007

Second preview

[thumbnail image] A version that wasn't released, but only shown on the AT-43 forums. It shows the information drawer extended from the main window, which was added at this time. The program was still only half-functional, so some of the data displayed is just a coded-in mock-up.
27 July 2007

First preview

[thumbnail image] This version was not released, but was shown on the AT-43 forums. The screenshot only really shows the basic layout for the program. Nothing really worked just yet except for loading the list of available units.
23 July 2007

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