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Confrontation 2 vs. 2 800 points a side
« on: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 20:05:06 »
We played a two-versus-two game of Confrontation 3.5 today, with each player taking a 400-point army. Though it took quite a while and we technically only finished half of it, the game was fun and may end up kickstarting a small campaign at the gaming club I'm a member of. We needed to make some small rules adjustments to cater for two players per side, which we handled by having everyone roll their own Authority test at the start of each turn, and playing in the order rolled, but doing reserves and number of passes per side instead of per player, with the players on each side working out among themselves who put things in reserve, whether either of them should pass, etc.

Our two sides were Lions (me) and Cadwallon (my models, but played by Luuk) vs. Mid-Nor (Morgan) and Acheron (Maarten). The entire Lions army consisted of Mirvilis (on foot), three knights of the lion, one paladin and one valkyrie, while the Cadwallon player had Vladar the Arrogant, Ahsa Ruyar, three pixie tricksters, a dog handler with two dogs and about a dozen militiamen/sergeants/crossbowmen. I don't quite remember what the Mid-Nor dwarfs brought, but it was mostly your basic dwarfs, some of the incubus-types and the associated character, plus the caterpillar-that-heals, while the Acheron player fielded the Gorgon, another copy of Ahsa Ruyar, a dark paladin, another magician, and a bunch of zombies including dwarfs and a wolfen (since I didn't bring these models, I'm a bit hazy on what was fielded, exactly). Oh, and one morbid puppet because he had six points left that he didn't know what else to do with :) We rolled randomly for a mission from the main rulebook, ending up with Execution: that meant we had to kill the Gorgon while they had to take out Mirvilis, with the game lasting five turns.

The skirmish was fought on a battlefield with trees along the sides, a wall running more or less through the middle between the two deployment zones, and some buildings in both deployment zones. Most models ended up being deployed in a line at the front edge of their respective deployment zones, with the Cadwallon contingent on the left and the Lions on the right (seen from our side of the battlefield), while the dwarfs were both on the left and the right and the undead mostly in the middle and the left (from their side), with Ahsa, the Gorgon and Mirvilis hiding a bit further back in the buildings on their respective sides. The pixie tricksters got deployed behind enemy lines to try some sneaky tricks.

On turn one, all three pixie tricksters tried to charge the wolfen zombie, the caterpillar and the Acheron magician, and amazingly, only failed against the zombie. The dwarf and zombie horde slowly plodded forward, only for the dwarfs to be charged by most of the Cadwallon militia and the paladin, while the lone valkyrie charged the single morbid puppet. Despite being urged to charge zombies with the knights, I decided it would be a better idea to move them around the enemy's flank, one of them charging the incubus character to keep him occupied. The Gorgon meanwhile summoned some morbid puppets to form a screen against the approaching knights while moving away from them herself. Mirvilis took the opportunity to cast some spells at the incubi as well as summon an elemental of light. A round of fighting later and the only kills were the two pixie tricksters who had charged, plus the original morbid puppet by a well-executed master strike of the valkyrie, while some other models suffered serious and critical wounds, plus a few stuns, but that was it.

Next turn, the knight who was in combat disengaged from the incubus guy while the other two charged the morbid puppets — there being no way around them to get to the Gorgon. Most of the remaining dwarfs and undead started moving forward to get into the fray, as did the militia and the elemental, while Mirvilis summoned some sparklings to form a screen like the Gorgon's, in case he'd need it later. Her attempts to summon more morbid puppets failed dismally (nothing but 1s :)). The combat phase went marvelously well for the Lions, the elemental wiping out two zombies (damage rolls: 5 5 and 6 6), followed by the knights killing two morbid puppets with damage rolls of double 6 each, and to top it off the paladin killed his dark counterpart by rolling a double 2 with his sacred weapon.

By now we had been playing for some two and a half hours, and two of us had a train to catch in about 45 minutes, so we decided to cut the game short. The center left of the table was one big skirmish between (mostly) dwarfs and Cadwallon militia, Mirvilis would remain unthreatened for several turns due to the slow speed of the zombies coming at him — even without the elemental and sparklings to slow them down — and the Gorgon was in charge range of the knights but this was so far away from everything else that nobody could intervene here. Thus, we decided to roll for initiative between myself and the Acheron player, to see if I could kill the Gorgon in this turn or not. I managed to win the Authority test (Mirvilis' 8 against the Gorgon's 4, but we both rolled a 6 so it could still have gone either way) and so charged her with the two knights that were in range. It still took three successful attacks (and one miss) to kill her, though: Serious, Light and Light wounds in that order. Had he managed to activate first, a few morbid puppets would probably have made it impossible for me to charge in and the game would have ended in a draw.

All in all, everyone enjoyed the game, even though we were all a bit rusty from not having played Confrontation for quite a while. But like I said, it looks like there's enough interest in the game for us to maybe try a small campaign, probably using the Dogs of War rules … hopefully this will work out :)
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