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Shamash Golgoth

Shamash golgoth

One of two variants of the Baal golgoth, the Shamash uses a heavy assault type frame to create a close-range infantry killer. This is accomplished by replacing the Baal's heavy particle accelerator by a second heavy flamer, which sacrifices range in favor of hitting power against spread-out units of soldiers.

Because it is as tough as a Baal, the Shamash is equally hard to destroy, while its built-in nanogenerator allows it to function better than lighter golgoths in similar roles.


The Shamash golgoth is primarily a heavy, short-range, anti-infantry weapon: its twin heavy flamers allow it to make short work of even power-armored infantry like TacArms, Kolossii or K-armor, and even if it does not actually kill its targets, it is likely to ground most of them. Its heavy armor allows the Shamash to wade right into the thick of the fight, all but impervious to counterattacks except by powerful anti-vehicle weapons, and attempt to simply run over any infantry unlucky enough to be in its way.

Just like the Baal golgoth, the Shamash comes equipped with an integrated nanogenerator that allows much more efficient use of nanoresources than most other units are capable of.

Composition of a unit

Type: 3.

Numbers: 1.

Standard equipment: Heavy flamer × 2.

Officer: Rank 3.


Relay: This equipment can only be given to a unit leader. Activating a unit with a relay doesn't cost any LP. This equipment is lost when the unit's leader is eliminated.

Heavy flamer: This weapon has the Projection ability:

Advanced nanoresource administrator: Armored fighting vehicle routines executed by an overseer aboard a Shamash cost one LP fewer than usual (to a minimum of zero LP).


Overseer omicron: +40 A.P.

Shamash golgoth
Size 5 Combat Strider
Speed Morale Protection Combat
20 16 6
Frame Propulsion
Structure Points 5 4
Range weapons Accuracy Attackrate/Re-roll Area of effect Penetration/Damage SP
Heavy flamer (1) (projection, indirect fire) (25) 1/0 7 9/1 3
Heavy flamer (2) (projection, indirect fire) (25) 1/0 7 9/1 3
Cost of a Shamash golgoth unit
Equipment Standard Number (1)
Standard 650 A.P.
Relay 655 A.P.
(1) 1 Shamash golgoth including: 0 to 1 officer

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