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Ishtar Golgoth

Ishtar golgoth

After the success of the Baal golgoth, variants on the same design were developed for more specialized tasks. One of these is the Ishtar golgoth, a very powerful vehicle destroyer armed with twin heavy particle accelerators that give it a long-range punch against any target.


An Ishtar golgoth has heavy, long-range firepower that is well-suited to taking out enemy combat striders and armored fighting vehicles from a distance due to the high rate of fire and large damage dealt out by these weapons. Although it can be equally devastating against infantry, the Ishtar's primary targets are well-protected enemy vehicles, most of which it can destroy with only a few salvos. Its own protection is good enough to stand up to return fire, allowing it to engage in duels with many different types of opponent.

The presence of an advanced nanoresource administrator in the Ishtar's frame allows it to make more efficient use of nanoresources, another factor that will help it destroy its targets and survive hostile fire itself.

Composition of a unit

Type: 3.

Numbers: 1.

Standard equipment: Heavy particle accelerator × 2.

Officer: Rank 3.


Relay: This equipment can only be given to a unit leader. Activating a unit with a relay doesn't cost any LP. This equipment is lost when the unit's leader is eliminated.

Advanced nanoresource administrator: Armored fighting vehicle routines executed by an overseer aboard an Ishtar cost one LP fewer than usual (to a minimum of zero LP).


Overseer omicron: +40 A.P.

Ishtar golgoth
Size 5 Combat Strider
Speed Morale Protection Combat
20 16 6
Frame Propulsion
Structure Points 5 4
Range weapons Accuracy Attackrate/Re-roll Area of effect Penetration/Damage SP
Heavy particle accelerator (1) 8 3/0 18/2 3
Heavy particle accelerator (2) 8 3/0 18/2 3
Cost of an Ishtar golgoth unit
Equipment Standard Number (1)
Standard 725 A.P.
Relay 730 A.P.
(1) 1 Ishtar golgoth including: 0 to 1 officer

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